1.       Click to access the Google account logon page.


2.       Sign in if you have a Google account or create an account. You can use your existing email address, you don't have to create a new gmail address.


3.       Once you are logged in or have created an account, type “” in the “Add a friend’s calendar” box on the left hand side.  Hit  the Enter/Return key.


4.       You will now see a “Rensselaerville Community Calendar” entry below where you just typed.  Click the arrow after that entry and choose "Notifications".


5.       Optional: Use “Add a Reminder” to choose if you want reminders sent to your email and how soon before the event start time.


6.       Choose how you would like to be notified; Email, Text Message (SMS), or both.  You need to add your cell phone number to your Google account if you choose SMS.  I recommend choosing New Events, Changed Events, and Cancelled Events.  Click the Save button.


7.       That’s it.  You will not need to return to the Google account unless you want to change the Notification options or use other Google features.

***You can turn off notifications for recurring Events that you are not interested in. When you receive the notification in your email, click on "more details" link then click the "x" after the "Reminders" line to remove that Reminder. You will not get any more notifications for that event. Here is an example of what the email looks like click here